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Aisaworld Shipping

Asiaworld Shipping Services provides specialised representation for our clients across Australia. We provides customised shipping services tailored to our clients specific needs to ensure the most efficient and cost effective port calls.

Independent Shipbrokers

Aisaworld Shipping

Operating since 1992, Australian Independent Shipbrokers has positioned itself to become one of the leading broking houses in the Australasian region specialising in IMO, project cargoes and bulk parcels, with a reputation for a high quality service.

Quarantine Systems

Aisaworld Shipping

Nordiko provides a uniquely safe and environmentally friendly fumigation and ventilation solution for the shipping industry. Our treatments are effective, cost-conscious and safe for people working on or near fumigation sites. Our patented solutions also provide simple and efficient products and systems that can be used prior to unpacking imported shipping containers to ventilate and recapture fumigation or any other unsafe gases remaining inside containers.